Ben Nye Black Tooth FX TC-1 (0.23 oz/7 ml)

Ben Nye Black Tooth FX TC-1 (0.23 oz/7 ml)

Ben Nye

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About the product
Ben Nye Black Tooth FX can be applied on an entire tooth for creating effects of missing tooth or partially on a tooth to simulate chipped tooth.

What is included?
Black (TC-1) Tooth FX - 0.125 ounce (3.5 ml)

What does it do?
Ben Nye Tooth FX dries fast and is long lasting.

How safe is it?
Ben Nye products are manufactured in the USA in accordance with the US FDA regulations for cosmetic products. The company is committed to using safe, eco-friendly ingredients for makeup as well as packaging.

Safe to use around dentures without the fear of staining.

# of applications
0.125 ounce (3.5 ml) is good for 10-50 teeth.
Apply directly to dry teeth.

Dry for few minutes.

Clean by applying alcohol with a swab or use a tooth brush to clean.
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