Ben Nye Copper Sparklers Glitter MD-12 (0.14 oz)

Ben Nye Copper Sparklers Glitter MD-12 (0.14 oz)

Ben Nye

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About the product
Ben Nye Copper Sparklers Glitter is a very fine, high quality, cosmetic grade polyester Glitter that adds instant glamour to your face, body or hair makeup.

What is included?
Copper MD-12 Glitter - 0.14 ounce

What does it do?
Ben Nye Copper Sparklers Glitter is a great way to add glitz and shine to your makeup designs. It provides the makeup artist with a variety of choices. It can be applied on your lips or creme makeup. Another option is to apply Ben Nye LiquiSet first and then dust the glitter on top for a gentle, glittery finish. Ben Nye Copper Sparklers Glitter also works great for wider coverage when mixed with Ben Nye LiquiSet or Glitter Glue. It comes with an easy to use insert with a small hole that fits a small powder brush.

How safe is it?
Ben Nye products are manufactured in the USA in accordance with the US FDA regulations for cosmetic products. The company is committed to using safe, eco-friendly ingredients for makeup as well as packaging.

# of applications
0.14 ounce is good for 10-50 applications.
Recommended Applicators
Apply with a powder brush or finger.

Lightly dust with a powder brush for adding sparkling touches to your face painting design. Set by spraying Ben Nye LiquiSet or Final Seal.

Mix with Ben Nye Glitter Glue for durable applications.

Another way to apply is to press sparklers glitter on to unpowdered creme makeup.

Washes off with just soap and water.

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