Ben Nye FX Glycerin (2 oz)

Ben Nye FX Glycerin (2 oz)

Ben Nye

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About the product
Ben Nye Glycerin can be used for special effects such as sweat, tears or oozing from wounds.

What is included?
Glycerin - 2 ounces

What does it do?
Ben Nye Glycerin can be used to create glossy shine when mixed with face or body paint.

Caution: Keep away from eyes, so do not use in or above eyes when simulating tears.

How safe is it?
Ben Nye products are manufactured in the USA in accordance with the US FDA regulations for cosmetic products. The company is committed to using safe, eco-friendly ingredients for makeup as well as packaging.

# of applications
2 ounces is good for 20 to 120 applications depending on usage.
Apply with a brush or sponge to simulate tears.

Remove with soap and water.
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