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About the product
Ben Nye LiquiSet Spray can be used as a mixing agent with any water-activated makeup or lumiere powders for a smudge resistant and water proof finish.

What is included?
LiquiSet Spray - choice of sizes

What does it do?
Ben Nye LiquiSet Spray is a gentle, fragrance-free formulation that it can be used on eyelids as well. Works great with lumiere powders to give a shiny, luminous paint.

Note: Makeup applied with LiquiSet does not blend. Spray on after application of makeup for blending effects.

How safe is it?
Ben Nye products are manufactured in the USA in accordance with the US FDA regulations for cosmetic products. The company is committed to using safe, eco-friendly ingredients for makeup as well as packaging.

# of applications
2 ounces is good for 20-80 applications.
4 ounces is good for 40-120 applications.
16 ounces is good for 20-80 applications.
Spray over makeup or glitter.

Alternatively mix in a separate container with makeup or glitter to use as a face paint.

Remove with Hydra Cleanse or use soap and water.

Removal from fabric
Ben Nye products might cause permanent staining. In case of staining on fabric, try cleaning with OxyClean or a similar product.
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