Cinema Secrets Flesh (Lt Tan) Liquid Latex (1 oz)

Cinema Secrets Flesh (Lt Tan) Liquid Latex (1 oz)

Cinema Secrets

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About the product
Cinema Secrets Flesh Latex is a flesh toned liquid latex that works well for simulating skin burns and wrinkles.

What is included?
Liquid Latex - 1 oz

What does it do?
Cinema Secrets Flesh Latex is a high quality adhesive made of natural rubber. It can be used to blend and conceal edges of latex appliances such as bald caps. It also works well to create realistic old age effects.

Note: In the winter months, we do not ship liquid latex as freezing could damage them.

# of applications
1 ounce Liquid Latex is good for 10 to 50 applications, depending on usage. Good for dozens of prosthetics or 1-2 skin effects.
To blend edges of appliances:
Pat latex over the edges in an up-down motion. If desired, dry with a hair dryer on a low heat setting.

Repeat to get the desired blending effect.

Set with setting powder by patting it gently with a powder puff.

To create old age effects:
Pull the skin downward and apply a thin layer of latex on the top area. Keep holding till the latex dries and release the skin.

Repeat till the desired wrinkling level is reached.

Repeat the above process by working on small areas of face at a time. Be sure to stretch the skin from center outward.

Complete the look by applying flesh colored makeup.

Note: Keep latex away from eyes and hair. As it will not come out of hair.

Loosen the latex using a warm, wet towel.

Rub Cinema Secrets Makeup & Adhesive Remover cream little by little into the latex till it is completely removed.

Rinse and moisturize.
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