Colorini White Orchid Body Tattoo Ink (15 ml)

Colorini White Orchid Body Tattoo Ink (15 ml)


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About the product
Colorini Body Tattoo Ink is an alcohol based body ink that can be used for creating airbrush style tattoos without using an airbrush machine.

What is included?
Body Ink - White Orchid - 15 ml

What does it do?
Colorini Body Ink can be used for creating body tattoos with glitter tattoo stencils or freehand using a brush or freehand drawing pen. Colorini Ink dries quickly. Before the ink dries, glitter can be poofed on your design for sparkle.

Colorini Body Tattoos will stay on skin for 2-7 days depending on where it is applied. 
How safe is it?
Do not use above shoulder length. Can cause irritation to mucus membranes. Keep away from flames. Avoid contact with eyes. 

Do not use on small children. Colorini can stain clothes.

# of applications
15 ml is good for 100-140 tattoos.
Prior to use shake the bottle well. Sky blue, Transparent orange and yellow require more shaking than normal colors. Some colors like gold and green require a lot more shaking than other colors, in which case it is recommended to keep the bottle upside down for 6 hours or overnight. 

Using the brush on the cap, apply the ink to a sponge and then paint over tattoo stencil. Before the ink dries, poof on glitter for extra sparkle.

You can draw free hand tattoos using a brush or freehand pen.

Tattoo will fade off in 2-7 days based on where it is applied. If required, you can remove it anytime with rubbing alcohol.

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