Diamond FX 6 Color Skins Palette (10 gm each)

Diamond FX 6 Color Skins Palette (10 gm each)

Diamond FX

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About the product
Diamond FX 6 Color Skins Palette is an assortment of 6 skin colors and 2 brushes, perfect to create a variety of vibrant, stage and theater makeup designs.

What is included?
1 Six Skins Colors - Light Skin, Ivory Skin, Beige Skin, Light Brown Skin, Dark Brown Skin and Ebony Skin - 10 gm each
2 One #2 round brush
3 One #3 flat brush

What does it do?
Diamond FX is a strongly pigmented, wax-based face paint that can be activated with less water. Diamond FX Face Paints provide a crack resistant, opaque coverage and maintain brightness even over darker colors. Perfect for layering, blending or line work.

Diamond FX 6 Color Skins Palette can be easily refilled with 10 gm refills of your favorite colors.

How safe is it?
Diamond FX products are manufactured according to EEC and FDA guidelines and tested in Netherlands. They are fragrance free and gentle on skin.

Note: FDA guidelines recommend against the use of reds, blues, greens and purples near eyes or lips. These colors should not be left on skin for too long.

# of applications
Good for 50-150 applications.
Recommended Applicators
Apply with a brush or sponge.

Activate face paint with a small amount of water.

Mix to reach desired consistency.

Apply on skin with a brush or sponge.

Remove with soap and water.

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