Diamond FX Black Eyeliner Pen

Diamond FX Black Eyeliner Pen

Diamond FX

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About the product
Diamond FX Eye Liner Pen is a high quality, precision tip pen that can be used for accentuating natural details, creating bold eye accents or temporary body tattoos.

What is included?
Eye Liner Pen - Black

What does it do?
Diamond FX Eyeliner Pen gives superior, waterproof and smudge proof coverage that lasts for several hours without any need for touching up. Perfect for thin detailing, thick coloring of eye brows and other bold accents.

How safe is it?
Diamond FX Eyeliners are 100% free of alcohol and oil.

Drag the tip along the lash line for subtle lining. If tip wears out it can be flipped out and reversed to restore the fine tip.
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