Diamond FX Iris Red Cosmetic Glitter

Diamond FX Iris Red Cosmetic Glitter

Diamond FX

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About the product
Diamond FX Cosmetic Glitter is cosmetic grade polyester glitter that can be used for face & body painting or for creating stunning glittery accents.

What is included?
Cosmetic Glitter - Iris Red - Opal with a tinge of red - 5 gm

What does it do?
Diamond FX Glitter can be applied over face paint designs to add some glitz. It can be applied wet with a small amount of water for drawing sparkly lines.

How safe is it?
Diamond FX Gitter is a safe, aluminium free formula safe to use on face.

# of applications
Good for dozens of applications, depending on use.
Recommended Applicators
Apply using finger, sponge or brush.

Sprinkle over face paint designs when still damp.

Can be mixed with a small amount of water to draw sparkling lines.

Also works well for mixing with a gel base to create a glitter tattoo gel.

Diamond Glitter can also be applied on hair - just spray some hair spray and then sprinkle glitter on top.

Wash off with soap and water.

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