Diamond FX Monster High Halloween Makeup Kit

Diamond FX Monster High Halloween Makeup Kit

Diamond FX

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About the product
Halloweenmakeup.com's Diamond FX Monster High Makeup Kit has necessary makeup colors perfect for creating beautiful "Draculaura" makeup. With detailed instructions and video tutorials available online, you can get started on your designs right away.

What is included?
Diamond FX Colors - White, Black, Dark Brown, Neon Magenta, Neon Pink, Purple, Metallic White, Red - 10 gm each.

Note: Instructions are available online under Usage Tips (not included in the kit).

Video Tutorial and PDF Instructions refer to Graftobian ProPaint Colors.
Here is a list of Diamond FX Colors corresponding to Graftobian ProPaint Colors:

  • Raven Black - Black
  • White Swan - White
  • Fuzzy Bear Brown - Dark Brown
  • MegaGenta - Neon Magenta
  • Shocking Pink - Neon Pink
  • Wild Violet - Purple
  • Pearl Frost - Metallic White
  • Crimson Red - Red
What does it do?
Diamond FX Face Paint is an intensely pigmented, wax-based face paint that can be activated with a minimal amount of water. Diamond FX provides a crack resistant, opaque coverage and maintains brightness even over darker colors.

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How safe is it?
Diamond FX products are manufactured according to EEC and FDA guidelines and tested in Netherlands. They are fragrance free and gentle on skin.

Note: FDA guidelines recommend against the use of reds, blues, greens and purples near eyes or lips. These colors should not be left on skin for too long.

# of applications
Good for about 5 designs
Click to see our detailed Blog Post on creating this design

Step By Step Instructions
  • Cover the whole face with Metallic White using a sponge. This will serve as a base. 
  • Starting from the middle towards the end, cover halfway of each eyebrow with white paint using a sponge. 
  • Apply some Neon Pink paint around the eyes and on the eyelids using a sponge. 
  • Outline the eye creases using a #6 round brush loaded with Purple. Blend with a sponge after. 
  • With a #6 round brush and White, create a think eyeliner along the lower eyelid. 
  • Under the white eyeliner, create another eyeliner with Purple paint using a #6 round brush. 
  • Blend the purple with a wide chisel brush to give it a nice color transition. 
  • Draw eyelashes with a #2 round brush and some Black. 
  • Create an eyeliner on top of the eyelid using the same paint and brush. 
  • Using the same paint and brush, paint the eyebrows.
  • Using some Neon Pink and a #6 round brush, paint a heart on the cheek.
  • Create a 3D effect on the heart by painting Neon Magenta on the side. Use the same brush.
  • Highlight the heart with a #6 round brush and some White.
  • With some Black and a #2 round brush, outline the heart.
  • To make the highlights, first create the highlights. Paint 3 stripes of White on the forehead.
  • Paint 2 stripes of pink hair on top the white stripes using some Neon Pink and 1/2 inch filbert brush. A white highlight should be in the middle of the forehead. 
  • Darken the pink strands by painting some Neon Magenta on top using a filbert brush.
  • Paint Dark Brown over the remaining white stripes to create the brown hair strands. Use the same brush.
  • Darken the top and bottom of the brown hair with black using the same brush. The bangs should have an alternating color of brown and pink. (Brown, Pink, Brown, Pink, Brown) 
  • On the bottom lip, draw vampire fangs using White and #6 round brush.
  • Paint the lips with some Red. Use a #6 round brush.
  • Outline the lips with Black and #2 round brush.

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