Diva Face Paint Stencil - Butterflies

Diva Face Paint Stencil - Butterflies

Diva Stencils

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Diva Stencils are small, flexible, 190 mil mylar stencils that are designed for quickly adding fun design elements to your face and body art. Diva Stencils are super fun and easy to use with face paints, powders or temporary tattoo ink. Diva Stencils can be easily wipe cleaned and stored and reused multiple times, if handled with gentle care. Originated in Netherlands, diva stencils are currently cut and shipped out in the USA.

Butterflies Stencil can be used to add butterfly accents to your designs. Measures 3.25" x 5".

Use Diva Stencils with a dauber, an airbrush or a sponge. If using with an airbrush, ensure to spray from at least two inches away in low pressure at a 90 degree angle from the stencil to evade the paint going under the stencil. Make sure to keep your face painting stencil pressed against the skin. If using a sponge, make sure your sponge is damp. Hold the stencil sturdily against the skin and pat your sponge gently to prevent paint from going under the stencil. Always wipe and dry the back of your stencil between uses so that you have a clean surface before using it next time.
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