Endura Dark Blood (Venous) Blood Vial (0.1 lb)

Endura Dark Blood (Venous) Blood Vial (0.1 lb)

European Body Art

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About the product
Endura Dark Blood (Venous) Blood can be used to create very realistic looking blood effects of dead and undead.

What is included?
Endura Dark Blood (Venous) Vial - 0.1 lb

What does it do?
Endura Dark Blood (Venous) Blood Vial shade is great to create a deep dark blood tone with a hint of brown and blue undertone. Endura FX blood dries fast to a natural, wet finish that is transfer and water resistant. This FX blood maintains its shape after drying and is perfect for effects such as dripping blood, blood spills and deep wound bleeding.

How safe is it?
Endura FX Blood is made in the USA with FDA approved ingredients and is free of syrup and sorbitol.
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