European Body Art Encore Undead Alcohol Palette

European Body Art Encore Undead Alcohol Palette

European Body Art

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About the product
European Body Art Encore Undead Alcohol Palette has the right makeup colors for Zombie makeup for Halloween.

What is included?
1. Alcohol Activated Colors - 10 - Light Gray, Pale Dead, Nicotine Stain, Aged Blood, Bruise Purple, Vein Blood, Dirty Brown, Night Swamp, Vein Tone, Charcoal
2. Fully customizable magnetic case
3. Built-in white mixing surface
4. Detailed Instructions

What does it do?
European Body Art's micronized HD pigmented makeup will last for several hours under extreme sweat, temperature or moisture conditions, there by staying transfer resistant, sweat resistant and smear resistant. The colors are great for a range of characters like vampires, monsters, ghosts, witches, devils, dead flesh, venous blood, aged blood, rotting flesh, pale skin etc.

How safe is it?
Alcohol Activated Makeup is made in the USA using FDA Approved ingredients.
Activate using 99% alcohol or Fuel Activator from European Body Art.

Apply on skin using a brush or sponge.

Remove using an alcohol based makeup removed such as Vapore or Unveil from European Body Art
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