European Body Art Silabond Adhesive

European Body Art

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About the product
European Body Art Silabond Adhesive is a strong adhesive for application of appliances, prosthetics, bald caps, noses, crepe hair and wigs.

What is included?
Adhesive - 0.5 or 2 oz

This product is flammable and does not ship via International or Air freight.

What does it do?
Silabond Adhesive provides a very strong bonding that is sweat and water resistant..
If desired, thin using Silabond Thinner.

Clean surfaces to bond, to be free of any dirt or debris.

Apply adhesive to both surfaces to be bonded.

Allow solvent to evaporate and adhesive to get tacky.

Firmly press the surfaces together.

Remove using an alcohol based makeup removed such as Vapore from European Body Art
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