European Body Art Vapore Makeup & Adhesive Remover

European Body Art

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About the product
European Body Art Vapore Makeup & Adhesive Remover is a solvent free makeup remover that can be used to remove almost any kind of makeup, such as water based, solvent based, silicon or alcohol based OR adhesive based applications like prosthetics, glitter or hair effects.

What is included?
Moisturizing Makeup & Adhesive Remover - 2 oz or 4 oz

What does it do?
Vapore Makeup & Adhesive Remover's ultra moisturizing formula will leave your skin soft in addition to removal of all makeup residue.

How safe is it?
Made in USA, using FDA approved ingredients and containing jojoba, macadamia and aloe oil extract, Vapore Makeup Remover is safe to use on skin with additional moisturizing properties.
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