Global FX Liquid Latex

Global FX Liquid Latex

Global Body Art

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About the product
Global FX Liquid Latex is a natural rubber based, latex to create a range of skin effects such as aged skin, wounds, facial contours etc for Halloween.

What is included?
Liquid Latex - 1.5 oz

What does it do?
Global FX Liquid Latex is easy to apply and can be removed easily once done.

How Safe Is It?
Global FX Liquid Latex is non-toxic and safe, formulated in Australia and made in China. Do not use if allergic to latex. A patch test is recommended prior to use. Not recommended for ages below 3. Do not use on sensitive skin or if there are cuts on skin. Use within 18 months of opening. 
Apply with a brush or sponge. Tear on the latex for required effect. Apply additional makeup for more effects.

Remove with soap and water.
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