Global Liquid Face Paint - Metallic Pearl (45 ml)

Global Liquid Face Paint - Metallic Pearl (45 ml)

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About the product
Global Metallic Pearl liquid face paints are intensely pigmented, water based liquid makeup that can be used to add metallic effects during a variety of face and body applications.

What is included?
Liquid Face Paint - Metallic Pearl - 1.5 ounces (45 ml)

What does it do?
Metallic Pearl can be used by itself for a sheerer coverage, or mixed with other colors to add shimmer effects. Global Liquid Makeup is highly concentrated and can be applied directly out of the jar with a brush, especially for design accents such as lines and flowers. They can be applied using a sponge for base work over large areas or over stencils. Global Yellow liquid face paints are smooth on skin and provide a water proof and smear resistant finish. Also work great with airbrush machines when diluted.

How safe is it?
Global Liquid Face Paints are made with safe, cosmetic grade ingredients compliant with EU and FDA Toy & Cosmetic requirements. They are non toxic and hypo allergenic. Global liquid face paints are made in a cruelty free manner.

# of applications
45 ml/1.5 oz
Recommended Applicators
Apply with a brush or sponge. Also works in airbrush machines once diluted.

Apply directly out of the jar for painting lines, design accents etc.

Apply using a sponge for base work over large areas.

Use a sponge to apply over stencils.

Apply using a sponge tip applicator for small design accents like dots, teardrops etc.

Dilute properly for use with airbrush machines.

Wash off with mild soap and water.

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