Graftobian Black Wool Crepe Hair (1 yard)

Graftobian Black Wool Crepe Hair (1 yard)


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About the product
Graftobian Black Wool Crepe Hair is a high quality wool crepe which is classic for creating beards or mustaches.

What is included?
Black Wool Crepe - 1 yard

What does it do?
Graftobian Black Wool Crepe Hair comes in 1 yard length with detailed instructions. It works great for stage beards and mustaches.

Watch the video below to learn more:

Recommended Applicators
Apply liquid latex or spirit gum on skin with a brush.

Before application, use a steam iron to straighten crepe wool if needed.

Allow adhesive to get tacky, then apply crepe wool in thin layers. When adhesive is dry, tease, comb and trim as desired.

Remove crepe wool with Spirit Gum Remover.

Pull off as much of the hair as possible, then use a cotton ball or makeup brush to dab the remover on the gummed areas and let dissolve for several minutes, then simply wipe it away.

When all residue is removed, wash gently with soap and warm water.

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