Graftobian Molding Wax (7 oz)

Graftobian Molding Wax (7 oz)


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About the product
Graftobian Special Effects Molding Wax can be used for realistic simulation of special effects like broken nose, deep cuts, warts etc.

What is included?
Graftobian Special Effects Molding Wax - 7 oz

What does it do?
Graftobian Special Effects Molding Wax is very effective for 3D special effects for stage and theater. For extended wearability, use spirit gum beneath the wax. It is very supple and at the same time sticky enough to hold up under stressful conditions.

# of applications
7 ounces is good for 2-30 applications. Depends on whether you are making warts or large scars.
Note: Apply Vaseline to hand as Special effects molding wax is very sticky.

Apply Spirit Gum to the skin area where the wax is to be applied. Tap it until it is tacky.

Roll molding wax into a ball and press onto the spirit gum area and stretch out to desired shape.

Smooth out using a small amount of makeup remover. Pat down with face powder.

Seal with either wax sealer or liquid latex.

Let it dry. Repeat until a durable skin layer is formed over the wax.

Makeup or blood can be applied directly on the surface. If applying grease makeup, use face powder to set the make up.

Peel off from the skin.

If needed, use a little baby oil under the molding wax until it becomes loose.
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