Graftobian ProPaint Tiger Eyes Makeup Kit

Graftobian ProPaint Tiger Eyes Makeup Kit


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About the product's Graftobian ProPaint Tiger Eyes Makeup Kit has necessary makeup colors for creating beautiful tiger eye designs. With detailed instructions and video tutorials available online, you can get started on your designs right away.

What is included?
Graftobian ProPaint Colors - Raven Black, White Swan, Crimson Red, Buttercup Yellow, Orange Sunset - 1 oz/30 ml each


Note: Instructions are available online under Usage Tips (not included in the kit).

What does it do?
Graftobian ProPaint is a highly pigmented, glycerin-based cake makeup that blends in smoothly to provide a bold, vibrant finish. Graftobian ProPaint can be easily activated with less water and applied to skin with a brush or sponge. It dries quickly to give a long lasting, smudge free finish. ProPaint blends in evenly to provide rich coverage over large areas of the body. It is comfortable to wear and is less prone to cracking or peeling.

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How safe is it?
Graftobian ProPaint is a high quality, fragrance free product that is manufactured in the USA with FDA approved ingredients. ProPaint is rated as safe to use on hair, nails and skin over face or any other part of the body.

Graftobian recommends use of its ProPaint Neon shades on hair and nails only.

# of applications
Good for about 10 designs
Click to see our detailed Blog Post on creating this design

Step By Step Instructions
  • Cover one eye with White Swan. Use a sponge.
  • With another sponge, paint Buttercup Yellow around the white area.
  • Using the same process, paint Sunset Orange around the yellow area.
  • Paint Crimson Red around the orange area using the same technique.
  • Paint the corner of the eye using White Swan and a #2 round brush.
  • Using a #6 round brush and some Crimson Red, paint an eyeliner on the eye creases and the eyelid.
  • Using a chisel brush, blend the red-colored eyeliner to the other eye colors.
  • Using a #2 round brush and some Raven Black, paint the black tiger stripes.
  • Outline the eye using the same brush and paint.
  • Blend the black outline of the eye with a chisel brush loaded with some Crimson Red.
  • Create a pointed eyeliner that extends from the corner of the eye to the nose with a #2 round brush and Raven Black.
  • Blend the eyeliner using a 1/2 inch chisel brush loaded with Raven Black.
  • Paint white strands of hair using a wisp brush with White Swan.
  • Apply some glitter using the back of any brush.
  • Paint the lips with some Crimson Red.
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