Henna Lace Kit - Copper

Henna Lace Kit - Copper

Art Factory

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About the product
Art Factory Henna Lace Kit can be used to create temporary henna style designs.

What is included?
- 1/2 oz bottle with 15 ml of Copper Henna Lace
- Two luer lock tips - one super fine 24 gauge plastic tip and one fine 22 gauge metal tip

What does it do?
Art Factory Henna Lace can be used to create henna style tattoos that can last for up to 7 days. However they can be removed whenever needed using alcohol, unlike real henna which is more permanent till it naturally fades away.

How safe is it?
Henna Lace is a non toxic, hypoallergenic product, which is vegan and not tested on animals.
Attach one of the luer lock tips and apply.

Optionally add glitter or shimmer powder for glitz effects.
Remove using alcohol.

Seal the bottle back with the white cap after each use. Henna Lace Cleaning Kits (sold separately), is recommended for proper cleaning of Henna Lace Kit.
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