Kryolan Aquacolor Leaf Green 512 (30 ml)

Kryolan Aquacolor Leaf Green 512 (30 ml)

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About the product
Kryolan Aquacolor Leaf Green Makeup is a professional glycerin-based, water activated cake makeup that is very rich in pigments and color.

What is included?
Leaf Green 512 cake makeup - 2.5 ounces (30 ml)

What does it do?
Kryolan Aquacolor Leaf Green Face Paint is a highly color intense makeup, made with high quality ingredients. Kryolan Aquacolor Makeup dries within seconds to provide a durable, smudge proof finish. Kryolan's creamy consistency allows it to blend in easily and stay on without cracking. Kryolan is comfortable to wear and very easy to apply & remove. Great for face and body painting.Please note: Some Kryolan makeup cakes might show blemishes or lines on the top, as Kryolan single color makeup (except 4 ml refills) is hand-poured and then leveled. Once moistened and applied, these makeup cakes perform the same way as a regular makeup cake.

How safe is it?
Kryolan is committed to using only high quality, skin safe ingredients that meet or exceed the purity guidelines for the cosmetic industry. Kryolan products are not tested on animals.

To avoid staining issues, FDA prohibits the use of red, yellow, orange or purple face paints near eyes and blue, green or purple face paints near lips.

# of applications
2.5 ounces (30 ml) is good for 100-500 applications.
Mixing Tips
Apply with either a sponge or brush.

Slightly moisten sponge or brush. Apply to face or body. Dries fast in less than 30 seconds. Once dry, gently buff with hand or a soft towel. A setting spray is recommended when makeup will be subjected to extreme conditions.

Washes off easily with just soap and water.

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