Kryolan Collodian 'Scarring Liquid' (30 ml)

Kryolan Collodion 'Scarring Liquid' (30 ml)


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Note: Kryolan products ship to U.S. addresses only. Collodion is flammable and hence cannot be shipped by air.

About the product
Kryolan Collodion is a solvent free formula that can be used to create realistic scar effects on skin.

What is included?
Colloidon - 30 ml

What does it do?
Kryolan Collodion can be applied on skin and then the skin can be pressed together for injury or aged effects. Apply Supra Color makeup optionally to add more effects.

How safe is it?
Kryolan is committed to using only high quality, skin safe ingredients that meet or exceed the purity guidelines for the cosmetic industry. Kryolan products are not tested on animals.

Apply with a brush or sponge.

Remove with an oil based makeup remover like Hydro Oil Makeup Remover.
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