Kryolan Silver Glitter Lites  (0.1 oz)

Kryolan Silver Glitter Lites (0.1 oz)


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About the product
Kryolan Silver Glitter Lite is a cosmetic grade Polyester Glitter that is perfect for adding sparkly effects to your designs.

What is included?
Silver Glitter - 0.1 ounce

What does it do?
Kryolan Silver Glitter Lite is perfect for dusting or creating accents over your makeup. It is a great way to add glamour and glitz to your face painting designs.

How safe is it?
Kryolan is committed to using only high quality, skin safe ingredients that meet or exceed the purity guidelines for the cosmetic industry. Kryolan products are not tested on animals.

# of applications
0.1 ounce is good for up to 50 applications.
Recommended Applicators
Apply with your finger tip or a brush

When adding accents, apply over wet makeup using a brush or your finger tip.

Glitter Lites can be dusted freely as well.

Another option is to sprinkle over wet hair spray on hair.

Washes off easily with just soap and water.

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