Kryolan UV Cream Wheel (30 gm)

Kryolan UV-DayGlow Cream Color Circle (30 gm)


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About the product
Kryolan UV Cream Color Circle contains grease paints in colors that are bright under normal light and shine extremely brightly under black light.

What is included?
Colors - UV Pink, UV Green, UV Red, UV Yellow, UV Orange, UV Blue - 30 gm total

What does it do?
Kryolan UV Cream Color Circle is Kryolan's high quality SupraColor paints that blends in easily and gives excellent coverage.

Note: Not recommended for children.

How safe is it?
Kryolan is committed to using only high quality, skin safe ingredients that meet or exceed the purity guidelines for the cosmetic industry. Kryolan products are not tested on animals.

Please Note: Kryolan UV colors are dermatologically tested for safety, but do not meet international cosmetic regulations. Kryolan advises against use around eyes, nose and mucus membranes.

To avoid staining issues, FDA prohibits the use of red, yellow, orange or purple face paints near eyes and blue, green or purple face paints near lips.

# of applications
Good for 50-200 applications.
Apply with a brush or sponge.

Set with setting spray if makeup will be subjected to extreme conditions.

Remove immediately after your event or performance, as leaving grease makeup on unnecessarily can cause skin irritation.

Wipe away with an oil based makeup remover. Alternatively a cold cream or baby wipe can also be used.

For stronger colors, apply slightly warmed olive oil and let it soak for few minutes before wiping off.

After removing the makeup, wash with a cleanser for complete removal.
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