Kryvaline Comfort Filbert Brush

Kryvaline Comfort Filbert Brush (1/4")


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About the product
Kryvaline Comfort Filbert Brushes can be used to paint thick, round lines, painting petals of filling in eye lids or painting over large areas of body.

What is included?
Filbert Brush - 1/4" (Includes only one brush; image shows closeup shot of same brush)

What does it do?
Kryvaline Comfort brushes feature handles with comfortable grip for ease of use, with hour glass contouring that reduces strain on artists' hands.

After each use, remove all traces of face paint by rinsing in warm or hot water. Dry well from brush handle to the top head using a paper towel. Shape the brush head with fingers. Let the brush dry completely. Store with bristles up.

Tip: When using soap for cleaning, use a baby shampoo or gentle soap, to reduce any chance of irritation.
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