Mehron AdMed Liquid Silicon Adhesive (0.5 oz)

Mehron AdMed Liquid Silicon Adhesive (0.5 oz)


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About the product
Mehron AdMed Adhesive is a high quality, clear, medical grade synthetic adhesive that gives superb bondage even under severe performance conditions.

What is included?
Adhesive - 0.5 oz

What does it do?
Mehron AdMed Adhesive is very popular among stage performers especially when using prosthetics such as bald caps. It gives a strong and durable bondage that withstands most stringent performance conditions, yet easy to remove.

How safe is it?
Mehron products are made in the USA in accordance with strict standards and manufacturing guidelines. They are made with safe, US FDA approved ingredients. Mehron does not test on animals.

Apply the adhesive to skin. Also apply to the appliance. Wait until it become sticky. Then press them together to bond.

Apply adhesive remover to let the adhesive dissolve. Then wash off with soap and water.
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