Mehron Blue CreamBlend Stick Makeup (0.75 oz)


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About the product
Mehron Blue CreamBlend Stick Makeup is a strongly pigmented, refined cream makeup in an easy to use stick form.

What is included?
Blue CreamBlend Stick Makeup - 0.75 oz

What does it do?
Mehron Blue CreamBlend Stick Makeup is a high quality makeup made with antioxidants and vitamins. It is free of petroleum base that is commonly found in grease makeup. Packaged in a stick form with swivel case, it is easy to put on, especially on the go. Mehron Blue CreamBlend Stick Makeup provides superb, long lasting coverage. It has a smooth, flexible texture and provides a non-greasy finish.

How safe is it?
Mehron products are made in the USA in accordance with strict standards and manufacturing guidelines. They are made with safe, US FDA approved ingredients. Mehron does not test on animals.

Note: As per FDA guidelines, do not use red, yellow or orange makeup near eyes & blue or green near mouth to prevent any issues with staining.

Grease Makeup is difficult to come off than regular face paint and is recommended only for adults and teens. Not recommended for use on children.

Apply directly on skin.

Set with Mehron ColorSet Powder. For durable applications, use a barrier spray.

Wipe off with a makeup remover. Then wash with soap and water.

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