Mehron Bright Red Slim Pro-Pencil Makeup (0.05 oz)

Mehron Bright Red Slim Pro-Pencil Makeup (0.05 oz)


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About the product
Mehron Bright Red Slim Pro-Pencil Makeup is a super soft cream makeup that can be used for fine detailing or outlining face and body makeup.

What is included?
Bright Red Pro-Pencil Makeup - 0.05 oz

What does it do?
Mehron Bright Red Slim Pro-Pencil is essentially high quality makeup with a "plasticized" covering that peels off as you sharpen the pencil. Works extremely well for adding fine details in your face or body painting. Easy to sharpen with Mehron's Pro-Pencil Dual Sharpener.

How safe is it?
Mehron products are made in the USA in accordance with strict standards and manufacturing guidelines. They are made with safe, US FDA approved ingredients. Mehron does not test on animals.

Note: As per FDA guidelines, do not use red, yellow or orange makeup near eyes to prevent any issues with staining.

Apply the pencil makeup to draw designs or to outline your design.

Set with ColorSet Powder.

Remove using a makeup remover or cold cream, then wash off with soap and water.

To Store
Put pencil in freezer for a short while before sharpening.

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