Mehron Bronze LUX Airbrush Makeup (2.5 oz/75 ml)

Mehron Bronze LUX Airbrush Makeup (2.5 oz/75 ml)


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About the product
Mehron Airbrush Makeup is a strongly pigmented formula that can be applied directly through airbrush machine.

What is included?
Bronze Lux Airbrush Makeup - 2.5 oz / 75 ml

What does it do?
Mehron Lux Airbrush Makeup provides a durable, flawless coverage, making it a great choice Halloween face painting. Lux Airbrush makeup flows smoothly through airbrush machines without any clogging. Mehron Lux Airbrush Makeup is not waterproof.

How safe is it?
Lux Airbrush Formula is water and green tea based and vitamin-enriched, to stay gentle on skin. Formula uses a globally accepted preservative solution is formaldehyde-free, paraben-free and halogen-free.

Note: FDA regulations recommend against the use of reds, blues, greens and purples or neon colors near eyes and lips. These colors should not be left on skin for too long.

# of Applications:
2.5 oz is good for dozens of applications.
Shake airbrush face paint and load into the airbrush paint gun. 

Note: Do not thin airbrush face paint with water or alcohol and this could cause clumps and clog the guns.

Remove using soap and water.
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