Mehron Day Glow Blue Liquid Makeup GLBL (4.5 oz)

Mehron Day Glow Blue Liquid Makeup GLBL (4.5 oz)


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About the product
Mehron Day Glow Blue Liquid Makeup looks vibrant under normal light and glows brightly in black light.

What is included?
Day Glow Blue GLBL Liquid Makeup - 4.5 ounces - blue under normal light and glows blue under black light

What does it do?
Mehron Day Glow Liquid Makeup products are reactive to black light, but do not glow in the dark. 

Mehron Day Glow Blue Liquid Makeup is a strongly pigmented, water based liquid makeup that is perfect for quick, professional makeup applications. It is a creamy makeup that activates easily and dries completely to provide a durable, smudge-free finish. Mehron Liquid Makeup is easy to apply and remove.

How safe is it?
Mehron products are made in the USA in accordance with strict standards and manufacturing guidelines. They are made with safe, US FDA approved ingredients. Mehron does not test on animals. Mehron Paradise Makeup is made with nourishing ingredients such as Chamomile and Aloe which are gentle on skin.

Note: As per FDA guidelines, do not use red, yellow or orange paint near eyes & blue or green near mouth to prevent any issues with staining. Avoid using neon colors near eyes and mouth.

# of applications
4.5 ounces is good for 90-300 applications.
Recommended Applicators
Apply with a sponge, brush, airbrush or finger.

Apply directly on skin.

For airbrush applications, dilute in equal parts with a mixing liquid.

Optionally mix with Liquid Latex or 3D gel for fantasy applications.

Remove with soap and water.

Removal from fabric
Let the stain dry completely, then brush off.

If the stain remains on carpet or furniture, then use Spot Shot or a similar product to remove.

If the stain remains on fabric, pre-soak with a suitable cleanser and then remove.

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