Mehron Mixing Liquid Thinner (4.5 oz)


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About the product
Mehron Mixing Liquid can be used for thinning liquid makeup. Another use is to mix with metallic or gem powders to create a strong, opaque, metallic liquid makeup.

What is included?
Mixing Liquid - 4.5 oz

What does it do?
Mehron Mixing Liquid is water-resistant and helps making makeup applications stay longer.

How safe is it?
Mehron products are made in the USA in accordance with strict standards and manufacturing guidelines. They are made with safe, US FDA approved ingredients. Mehron does not test on animals.

# of applications
4.5 ounces is good for hundreds of small applications or up to 1/2 a body, when mixed with twice the amount of Mixing Liquid as powder.
Add a small amount of Mixing Liquid to Gem or Metallic powder and mix well.

Resulting mixture can be applied with sponge or brush.

Let the application dry completely.

When mixing with metallic powder, use two parts of liquid for 1 part of powder.

For airbrush applications, mix equal amount of mixing liquid with liquid makeup. Shake well and fill the airbrush spray pump.

Remove with soap and water.
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