Mehron Paradise 8 Color Brilliant Metallic Palette 808-R

Mehron Paradise 8 Color Brilliant Metallic Palette 808-R


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About the product
An assortment of 8 stunning, brilliant face paints, in a portable, compact case.

What is included?
  • Sturdy Compact Case
  • 8 Brilliant Colors - Azur (Dark Blue), Fuchsia, Dore (Gold), Vert Bouteille (Green), Blue Bebe (Light Blue), Orange, Violine (Purple), Argente (Silver) - 0.25 oz each
  • Large Mirror

What does it do?
Mehron Paradise 8 Color Brilliant Palette contains a collection of colors that is perfect for a variety of colorful designs. Palette case does not have lids to be removed, which makes it easy to set up. Comes with a mirror.

Mehron Paradise Face Paints are glycerin-based, semi soft cake makeup that are perfect for professional face and body painting. It is a high quality moist cake makeup that blends in very easily. Mehron Paradise dries quickly and is less prone to rub-off. Paradise AQ Makeup is water activated and hence the hue of color is under the control of artists. It is rich in color and provides a consistent coverage that is long lasting.

How safe is it?
Paradise AQ Makeup is made with ingredients such as aloe and chamomile and contain enriching emollients such as glycerin, avocado oil and cocoa butter. Mehron products are performance oriented makeup of high quality, made with US FDA approved ingredients.

Per FDA guidelines, do not use red, yellow or orange makeup near eyes & blue or green near mouth to prevent issues with staining.

# of applications
Each Palette is good for hundreds of applications.
Recommended Applicators
Apply with a sponge or brush.

Mixing Tips
Activate with a small amount of water. Amount of water required varies with color. Gently mix the surface of the cake to a rich spreadable consistency.

Apply water activated makeup to skin with a sponge or brush.

Remove with soap and water.

Removal from fabric
Let the stain dry completely, then brush off.

If the stain remains on carpet or furniture, then use Spot Shot or a similar product to remove.

If the stain remains on fabric, pre-soak with a suitable cleanser and then remove.

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