Mehron Zombie Liquid Latex (1 oz)

Mehron Zombie Liquid Latex (1 oz)


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About the product
Mehron Zombie Liquid Latex is a high quality liquid rubber product that can be used for application of crepe hair and latex appliances. Works great for creating effects such as old age, zombie skin, burns, monster skin etc.

What is included?
Liquid Latex - 1 ounce

What does it do?
Mehron Liquid Latex dries clear and can be easy removed by peeling off.

# of applications
1 ounce is good for 10 to 50 applications, depending on use. Enough to apply dozens of prosthetics, or do 1-2 skin effects.

How safe is it?
Do not use Liquid Latex if you are allergic to latex.

Note: Makeup Removers will not dissolve liquid latex, it will only soften dry latex. Take necessary caution before handling liquid latex.

Not shipping in winter time, as product can get damaged from freezing.

Do not apply Liquid Latex to hair as it will not come off. Barrier Spray is recommended under latex for sensitive skin.

Apply a thin layer of Liquid Latex and let it dry completely. A hair dryer can be used in a low/cool setting to speed up drying if desired.

Use tissue, cotton, cereal etc along with liquid latex to create textures. Apply liquid latex on top to get a rotting flesh effect.

Create layers of liquid latex to create a wrinkled effect.

Peel off from skin.

Clean up with soap and water.
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