PartyXplosion 1-Stroke Aqua Split Cakes - 43939 (50 gm)

PartyXplosion 1-Stroke Aqua Split Cakes - 43939 (50 gm)


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About the product
PartyXplosion Aqua 1-Stroke Split Cakes are intensely pigmented multi-colored cakes ideal for creating a variety of colorful designs quickly and easily with just a few brush strokes.

What is included?
Rainbow Cake with 3 colors - Metallic Orange, Metallic Yellow, Metallic Green, Metallic Blue, Metallic Old Pink and Metallic Pink (50 gm)

What does it do?
PartyXplosion face paint blends in smoothly to provide a long lasting, opaque finish that does not peel or crack quickly. PXP makeup is easy to apply, comfortable to wear and easy to remove.

How safe is it?
PartyXplosion products are hypoallergenic and made with skin safe ingredients in compliance with EU/FDA regulations for cosmetics. PXP paint is child-friendly and can be applied even on sensitive skin. PartyXplosion neither tests on animals nor does it use any animal based ingredient.

Note: FDA guidelines recommend against the use as neon colors near eyes or lips. These colors should not be left on skin for too long. In the event of a rare skin reaction, quickly wash paint off with soap and water.

# of applications
50 grams PXP Split Cake is good for 100-250 applications.
Recommended Applicators
Apply with either a sponge or brush.

Mixing Tips
Do not add water directly to PXP makeup.

Pick up multiple cake colors by dragging a slightly damp sponge or brush, and sweeping from one side to the other without lifting (to keeps lines in place).

Apply makeup to desired area.

Washes off with just soap and water.

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