PartyXplosion 6 Neon Color Special FX Palette (10 gm each)

PartyXplosion 6 Neon Color Special FX Palette (10 gm each)


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About the product
A compact and on the go palette of 6 PXP Neon Colors. PXP face paint is a professional wax based and highly pigmented cake makeup that activates with a minimal amount of water.

What is included?
6 Neon colors - Neon Green, Pink, Yellow, Orange, Blue, and Purple (10 gm each) and a small brush

What does it do?
PXP Neon colors are bright under normal light, and glow intensely under black light to create special effects.

PartyXplosion face paint blends in smoothly to provide a long lasting, opaque finish that does not peel or crack quickly. PXP makeup is easy to apply, comfortable to wear and easy to remove. PartyXplosion paints are ideal for both base work and line work.

How safe is it?
PartyXplosion products are hypoallergenic and made with skin safe ingredients in compliance with EU/FDA regulations for cosmetics. PXP paint is child-friendly and can be applied even on sensitive skin. PartyXplosion neither tests on animals nor does it use any animal based ingredient.

Note: FDA guidelines recommend against the use as neon colors near eyes or lips. These colors should not be left on skin for too long. In the event of a rare skin reaction, quickly wash paint off with soap and water.
6 Color (10 gm) Palette is good for 50-150 applications.
Recommended Applicators
Apply with either a sponge or brush.

Mixing Tips
Do not add water directly to PXP makeup. Some cracks may develop on surface of the product but it generally does not affect the performance of the makeup. Apply product normally with a little water activation.

Activate paint with a small amount of water.

Apply to desired area using a damp sponge or a brush.

Let the base application dry for at least 5 minutes before starting line work.

Washes off with just soap and water.

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