ProAiir Zombie 2 Hybrid 6-Color Kit


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About the product
ProAiir Airbrush Makeup is a strongly pigmented, alcohol based formula that can be applied directly through airbrush machine. This waterproof makeup is great for sweaty outdoor conditions, pool parties etc.

What is included?
6 colors of Airbrush Makeup -  Scab, Puss, Blood Red, Vein, Pale Dead, Dirt  -  2.1 oz / 60 ml each.

What does it do?
ProAiir Airbrush Makeup uses a completely water-free formula, that guarantees no settling down of pigments, which helps with non clogged, seamless application through airbrush machines. ProAiir Makeup can also be applied using a brush or sponge. ProAiir Formula dries instantly and hence is perfect for layered designs using airbrush stencils.

How safe is it?
ProAiir Hybrid Makeup is made in the USA, using FDA and EU approved ingredients for cosmetic use. ProAiir Hybrid is vegan and not tested on animals. ProAiir Hybrid is hypoallergenic and certified skin safe, making it perfectly safe to use on children, when applied correctly.

ProAiir formula has a pleasing scent, and is not recommended for use if allergic to fragrance. ProAiir makeup is free of dibutyle phthalytes, phythalytes, formaldehyde, lead or any other toxic ingredient. Not recommended on skin with wounds, sunburns or sores.

Note: FDA regulations recommend against the use of reds, blues, greens and purples or neon colors near eyes and lips. These colors should not be left on skin for too long.

# of Applications:
2.1 oz is good for 50-75 applications.
Shake airbrush face paint and load into the airbrush paint gun.

Note: Do not thin airbrush face paint with water or alcohol and this could cause clumps and clog the guns.

Do not use water first for removal. Apply baby oil or oil based makeup remover and wipe clean. Follow up with water. For body painting removal, apply body gel or liquid soap and step into shower for removal. Use a scrunchie if needed.
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