Pros-Aide Adhesive II (2 oz)

Pros-Aide Adhesive II (1 oz)


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About the product
Pros-Aide Adhesive II is the milder version of Pros-Aide Adhesive, the leading adhesive used in the medical and film industries for prosthetic applications. Pros-Aide Adhesive II is just like the original, delivering a long-lasting, non-irritating bond, but is designed for adhering to more sensitive skin.

What is included?
Pros-Aide Adhesive II - 1 ounce bottle

What does it do?
The professional glue is especially useful for affixing costume prosthetics, including latex, foam latex, silicone and gelatin accessories to delicate areas, like the neck, back, and chest, as well as for mixing with Liquitex and other acrylic paints to produce PAX paint that can be used on skin and foam latex. Also great for creating body art by outlining designs with Pros-Aide and once the glue dries clear, sweeping with glitter or metallic powder for a completely waterproof body glitter tattoo. Pros-Aide II is removed much more easily than "The Original" and can be taken off with other adhesive removers.

How safe is it?
Pros-Aide® products remain the industry standard for make-up professionals throughout the world. All Pros-Aide products are water-based, non-toxic, non-irritating latex free.
Brush on a thin layer of adhesive to the skin where prosthetic is to be applied.

Apply a thin layer of adhesive on the sticking side of the prosthetic.

Stick the prosthetic to the skin.

Remove with Pros-Aide Remover or an adhesive remover that is specially formulated for removing prosthetic adhesives.

Soak the area with remover for a minute or two.

Peel off the prosthetic from the skin.

Clean your skin with mineral oil, followed by soap and water. Clean the prosthetic with rubbing alcohol.
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