Scarecrow Bucky Teeth Cap Kit

Scarecrow Bucky Teeth Cap Kit


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About the product
Scarecrow Bucky Teeth Cap is a great accessory to complete your makeup for hilly billy, clown, angel, big baby or any other costume that requires an over sized front teeth.

What is included?
  • High Grade Plastic Tooth Cap that will cover two front teeth
  • Four Bonding Powder Capsules
  • Customizing Fluid

What does it do?
Scarecrow Bucky Teeth Cap Kit includes tooth cap and patented "cushion-fit" molding material to help you mold the cap for custom fit. Once the cap is molded, it can be reused multiple times.

Scarecrow Tooth Application Tips:

How safe is it?
Scarecrow Bucky Cap is non-toxic and safe to use on teeth.

Do not use over dentures, caps, braces or crowns. Also not to be used over irritated or sensitive gums or if gums have not healed completely after dental cleaning.

Not recommended for ages below 14.

Do not eat or sleep with bucky cap on your teeth.

Do not drink anything red like fruit punch or red wine, as they will dye your cap pink.

Scarecrow Fangs Customizing Kit Refill should NOT be used to mold the bucky cap.

Do not smoke while customizing or do not customize near open flame.

Store unopened package out of direct sunlight. The products works the best at room temperature.

# of applications
Once the cap is properly molded, it can be slid in and out and reused hundreds of times.
Click to see complete instructions from Scarecrow site

Customizing your bucky tooth cap
  • Twist apart two capsules of powder. Move each side of the capsule to the corner of the large compartment of the plastic blister from packaging.
  • Tilt the blister to collect all the powder to one corner.
  • Snap off liquid bottle tip and add 10 drops to the powder.
  • Stir well for a minute and then wait for another minute allowing the mixture to form a paste.
  • Scoop the paste into the buck cap.
  • Position the buck cap onto your front teeth and move it around to find a suitable position.
  • Hold for three minutes making sure not to wiggle.
  • Wait for another 10 minutes and then take the cap off. The cap might feel really secured, so use your bottom row of teeth to push them out till you hear a gentle click. Wiggle it out from the top with your fingers.
  • Trim excess material from the edges with a nail clipper or scissors.

Application and Removal
Once the cap is properly molded, it can be slid in and out and reused hundreds of times.
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