Blood, Gore & Makeup FX - Part 1 (Video Stream)

Blood, Gore & Makeup FX - Part 1 (Video Stream)

Stan Winston School of Character Arts

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Stan Winston Studios: Blood, Gore & Makeup FX - Part 1 is a video stream that is part 1 of a 2 part web course where Stan Winston Studio's blood, makeup and gore effects, horror maestro Gary J. Tunnicliffe unveils his secrets for creating utterly convincing cuts, wounds, bruises and more, including how to transform a standard silicone bust into a gruesome "exposure victim" prop. Learn from the master who created magic in movies like HELLRAISER 3-9, CANDYMAN, MY BLOODY VALENTINE 3D etc.

In this part 1, you'll see Tunnicliffe do a brutal casualty makeup, covering pros-aide, 3D skulls & wounds, detailed bruising, and various tricks of the trade! In this part 2, you'll see Tunnicliffe covering clever blood props, gags, scalp holes, and a full corpse creation!. 

Approx. Runtime: 05:05:17

• Casualty Makeups
• Working with Props
• Turning a Silicone Bust into an • Exposure Victim
• 30 Minute "Stopwatch Challenge" Makeup
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