Character Makeup - Running Silicone Appliances (Video Stream)

Character Makeup - Running Silicone Appliances (Video Stream)

Stan Winston School of Character Arts

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Stan Winston Studios: Character Makeup - Running Silicone Appliances is a video stream where Stan Winston studio's Master Silicone Technician Cory Czekaj demonstrates a hag makeup, discusses differences between platinum silicone and tin based silicone to see which one would want for a particular appliance, gel filled appliances, how to run an evacuator etc. Learn from the man who created magic in PREDATORS, IRON MAN, ROBOCOP, the process of creating photorealistic, translucent silicone "skin" for character makeups and animatronic creatures. You'll hear him talk about proper materials & mold prep to mixing & injecting, Czekaj will help you create film-quality silicone appliances.

Approx. Runtime: 01:34:42

• Mold Prep - Cleaning & Releasing
• Mixing & Tinting Silicone
• The Secret to Encapsulating
• Spraying an Adhesive Layer
• Using an Evacuator
• Running Silicone Appliances
• De-Molding
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