How to Fabricate a Monster Suit Part 2 - Detailing, Texturing & Mechanisms

How to Fabricate a Monster Suit Part 2 - Detailing, Texturing & Mechanisms

Stan Winston School of Character Arts

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Stan Winston Studios: How to Fabricate a Monster Suit Part 2 - Detailing, Texturing & Mechanisms is a video stream which is part 2 of a 5 part web course, where Hollywood's most sought-after FX fabricators, Bill Bryan (Ghostbusters, Army of Darkness, Men in Black) & Ted Haines (Blade 2, The Muppets, Cowboys & Aliens) teach how to make foam fabricated monster suits & creature costumes. In this part 2, Bryan, Haines & their student teams continue the monster-making process, including muscle patterning, carving details, skin texturizing, and mechanism prototyping.

Approx. Runtime:  4:44:49

• Techniques for Texturing Skin
• Building Claw, Hand & Tail Mechanisms
• Creating Eye, Claw, & Muscle Patterns
• Carving & Fitting Upper Arms
• Swapping Out Zippers for Durability
• Adding Detail to Horns & Tails
Watch part 1 to see how Bryan and team begin the process of bringing two Kaiju monster suits to life, including design review, head patterning and carving, tips on creating teeth, nails and horns, and suit prototyping techniques!

In part 3Bryan & Haines share affordable DIY techniques for mechanizing, finalizing suit silhouettes, and how to use plastic bags to create inflatable sacs and organic skin texture.

In part 4, follow along to pick up a vast variety of valuable techniques for attaching monster arms and heads, mechanizing jaws & mandibles, and even how to make "nurnies" and use razor blades to create organic texture.

In part 5, Bryan and team share their approaches to bringing it all together, including how to "skin" your creature costumes, creating custom air bladders, adjusting internal mechanisms, monster suit painting tips, and finally, on-set blocking.
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