Stop Motion Animation Part 3 - Camera, Lighting & Software (Video Stream)

Stop Motion Animation Part 3 - Camera, Lighting & Software (Video Stream)

Stan Winston School of Character Arts

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Stan Winston Studios: Stop Motion Animation Part 3 - Camera, Lighting & Software is a video stream which is part 3 of a 4 part web course where the Chiodo Bros. (TEAM AMERICA, KILLER CLOWNS FROM OUTERSPACE, ELF) teach you how to effectively light stop motion scenes and offer insights into camera selection & set up -- including an in-depth overview of software you can use to simplify the animation process. 

Approx. Runtime: 05:08:05

• In part 1 of this series, watch them cover stop motion animation, puppet creation, basics of designing a cool character, designing and scaling armature, building armature with aluminium wire, covering with foam rubber, painting and costuming of a zombie puppet! 

• In part 2, watch them cover set building, story boarding, designing conceptional part for the set, materials, foam construction, props, elements for the stage, including some of their key secrets in set design and construction!

• In this part 3, watch them cover camera & lighting techniques, digital cameras, lenses, exposure, digital photography, basic capture software, star of the art products and freebie tools online, lighting angles, animation tips and more!.

• In this part 4, they explain stop motion technique of animation, detailed story boarding, reference & movements, fine tuning of animation, posing exercise, block out some positions for puppet, performance aspect & frame by frame manipulation, emotional type of animation, lip sync and working with an animation director!

• Key Lighting
• Fill Lighting
• Flagging & Modifying Lights
• Animating Camera Moves
• Capture Software Options
• Exporting Your Frames
• Post-Production & Compositing
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