Zbrush Design - Dynamesh Sculpting Techniques (Video Stream)

Zbrush Design - Dynamesh Sculpting Techniques (Video Stream)

Stan Winston School of Character Arts

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Stan Winston Studios:  Zbrush Design - Dynamesh Sculpting Techniques is a video stream where concept designer, master sculptor, and art teacher John Mahoney goes over Zbrush Sculpting techniques. Watch and learn as Mahoney goes over DynaMesh and a host of virtual sculpting techniques to bring your physical sculptures into the digital world. The course stresses the importance of CGI as an artistic tool for every character creator and ZBrush is one of the "go-to" digital sculpting programs for many special effects and creature designers.

Approx. Runtime: 02:52:56

- Stretching and working with the digital “clay”
- New ways of thinking about anatomy
- Adding subtools to the figure
- Adding and subtracting to add texture and veins
- Insert meshes to add to the overall design
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