TAG Pearl Blue and Pearl Silver 2 Color Cake (50 gm)

TAG Pearl Blue and Pearl Silver 2 Color Cake (50 gm)

TAG Body Art

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About the product
TAG Pearl Blue and Pearl Silver 2 Color Cake is a value makeup product that includes two pearl colors in one container.

What is included?
Pearl 2 Color cake - Pearl Blue and Pearl Silver - 1.76 oz/50 gm

What does it do?
TAG Pearl Colors are specially formulated with cosmetic grade mica instead of metallic pigments that is commonly found in pearl colors. Each color can be used individually or both colors can be picked up together and applied for quick, multi color designs. TAG Face Paint blends in easily and gives long lasting coverage that does not peel or crack. It is easy to apply, comfortable to wear and easy to remove. TAG's wax based formulation allows the makeup to flex with body movements without cracking. TAG Face Paints have a soft and creamy consistency and activate easily with less water than normal face paints. They are rich in color and appear bright even when painted over darker colors.

How safe is it?
TAG Body Art products are hypoallergenic and made with skin safe ingredients. Some TAG products might include perfumes.

Note: US FDA recommends against using red, yellow, orange or purple facepaints near the eyes and or using blue, green or purple facepaints near the lips to avoid possible staining issues. Neon Face Paints are not recommended for use very close to eyes and mouth.

Note: In the event of a rare skin reaction, quickly wash the face paint off with soap and water.

# of applications
1.76 ounces (50 grams) is good for 100-250 applications. Packaged in a rectangular case, approximately 2" wide and 2 1/2" long.
Recommended Applicators
Apply with a damp brush or sponge.

Load a brush or sponge with split cake paint and apply to the face with consistent and even strokes.

Note: In the event of a rare skin reaction, quickly wash the face paint off with soap and water.

Washes off with just soap and water (Note that slight traces of color may remain for a short while after washing).

In case the face paint does not clean off completely (especially reds and greens), a gentle cleansing cream is recommended for removal.

Do not use baby wipes with oils as the oil could cause the color to penetrate the skin and cause staining that is difficult to remove.

Removal from fabric
Avoid contact with fabric, carpet, and upholstery. In the event of an accidental contact, immediately spot treat with baby shampoo, liquid dish soap or cleaners similar to OxyClean. Use a toothbrush to loosen the makeup. DO NOT use water until makeup is fully loosened. Once completely loosened, add a small amount of warm water and wet vacuum or blot the area. Repeat if needed.

To Store
Leave the container open till the makeup dries well. This keeps the makeup from going too soft.

We recommend using the face paint within eighteen months of opening as older face paint is likely to dry out and be less effective.

Cover and store in a clean, dry, dust-free area, away from direct sunlight.
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