Tinsley Transfers Big Mouth Kit - Decay

Tinsley Transfers Big Mouth Kit - Decay

Tinsley Transfers

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About the product
Tinsley Transfers Big Mouth Tattoos are very easy, effective and quick way of creating big mouth effects for your Halloween makeup.

What is included?
1. One big mouth tattoo (Average size: 3.5" x 6.5")
2. Three FX Makeup tubes - Angry Red, Black and Dead Flesh (5 ml each)
3. Applicator brush

What does it do?
Tinsley Transfer Big Mouth Tattoos can be applied using easily accessible accessories such as scissors, water and sponge, without requiring any messy adhesive. Once applied, follow up with FX Makeup included or any other makeup for completing your look. Tinsley FX Makeup that is included in this product, is safe, water based makeup that goes on smoothly and stays transfer and smudge resistant for hours.

How safe is it?
Tinsley Big Mouth Tattoos are made with FDA approved inks. Not recommended to use near eyes or on sensitive skin. Not recommended if allergic to adhesives. FX Makeup has some pigments not recommended for use near eyes or mouth. Recommended for ages 14 and up.
Watch the video below to learn more about applying Tinsley Big Mouth Tattoos. Please follow the instructions carefully, as handling without care can damage the product and make it no longer usable.
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