VIVID Glitter Princess Pink Chunky Glitter Gel (30 gm)

VIVID Glitter Princess Pink Chunky Glitter Gel (30 gm)

VIVID Glitter

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About the product
VIVID Glitter Gel is a mix of chunky glitter particles in a cosmetic gel base, great for adding stunning accents to your Halloween face and body painting.

What is included?
Glitter Gel - Princess Pink - Sheer pink sparkle with hologram flare (30 gm)

What does it do?
VIVID Glitter Gel is a highly safe, glitter gel made from cosmetic grade glitter in a gel base, great for creating glitter chests or glitter roots.

How safe is it?
VIVID Glitter products are made in the USA with high quality ingredients that are safe to use on face, body and hair. It's not recommended to use this product on eyelids or very close to eyes. Do not use on very small children to avoid a danger of them rubbing the glitter into their eyes.
Scoop a small amount using a spatula, filbert brush or Art Factory silicone applicator. Apply and spread without moving back and forth.

It is recommended to use glitter gel by itself rather than over completed designs to avoid chance of smearing of designs.

Remove with soap and water.

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