Woochie New Zombie Rot

Woochie New Zombie Rot

Cinema Secrets

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About the product
Woochie New Zombie Rot contains a special gel that can be mixed with warm water for creating realistically slimy zombie effect.

What is included?
  • Zombie Rot Gel
Note: Makeup and Blood sold separately, can be used to augment effects.

What does it do?
Woochie Zombie Rot is a special gel that can be mixed with water and applied with a stick.

How safe is it?
Cinema Secrets products are FDA approved and made in the USA. The company uses only cosmetic grade ingredients that are compliant with cosmetic guidelines.

Do NOT use on skin is allergic to latex.

NOT Recommended for use very close to the eyes.

NOT recommended for children under 8 years of age.

Good for a number of multiple applications if the appliance is removed and stored properly as per instructions.
Mix Zombie Rot with hot water to desired consistency. Test that the mixture is not too hot.

Apply the mixture on skin using the wooden stick (not included). Roughen the surface before the mix dries, using the stick or a stipple sponge.

Add blood (sold separately) for optional special effects.

Suggested extras
For durable applications, apply light coats of Cinema Secrets Flesh Latex (sold separately) over the rot and surrounding skin.

Note: Do not apply latex on hair, as it will not come off.

Remove any blood using warm water and towel.

Using a swab, apply adhesive remover around the edges of the rot and peel off the rot.

After removing the rot, remove any residue using more makeup remover.

Wash skin with soap and water.

NOTE: While working around the eyes, be extra careful to prevent any remover from getting into the eyes.

Clean the Zombie Rot with soap, water and alcohol and let it dry. Store away from sunlight.
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