Woochie See No Evil Latex Appliance

Woochie See No Evil Latex Appliance

Cinema Secrets

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About the product
Woochie See No Evil Latex Appliance is an easy to apply latex prosthetic that can be used to create realistically wounded face with ripped eyes.

What is included?
  • Latex Appliance - See No Evil
Note: Cream Makeup, Spirit Gum and other accessories sold separately.

What does it do?
Woochie See No Evil Appliance includes light-weight latex appliance that can be used to create gruesome effects of a face with eyes torn out.

PDF Instructions from vendor

How safe is it?
Cinema Secrets products are FDA approved and made in the USA. The company uses only cosmetic grade ingredients that are compliant with cosmetic guidelines.

Do NOT use on skin is allergic to latex.

NOT Recommended for use very close to the eyes.

NOT recommended for children under 8 years of age.

Good for a number of multiple applications if the appliance is removed and stored properly as per instructions.
Using a brush, apply spirit gum to the back of the appliance to the areas that will attach to the skin. Alternatively apply spirit gum to the skin (recommended for larger pieces).

Tack with a sponge or your fingers. For the best tackiness, briefly place the appliance on skin and move the appliance up and down.

Press the appliance into place. If needed, trim the edges for a better fit.

For a smoother edge, stipple the edges of the appliance with flesh latex (sold separately). Apply flesh latex using a latex sponge. Let it dry and then apply another coat. Powder the latex once dried.

Optionally, add gooey effects using blood gel, liquid blood or makeup (sold separately).

To add bruise and trauma effects
Apply small amounts of Yellow, Red and purple makeup using a stipple sponge. Start with lighter colors in the center and add darker colors outwards. Blend the colors outwards using a latex sponge. Powder grease makeup with colorless or translucent setting powder for the application to stay longer. Dust off excess powder.

Remove any fake blood using warm water and towel.

Apply a small amount of adhesive remover to the edges of the appliance with a swab or small brush.

After the appliance come off, apply some more remover to the area to remove any residue.

Wash skin with warm water.

NOTE: While working around the eyes, be extra careful to prevent any remover from getting into the eyes.

Clean and dry the appliance. Store away from sunlight.

This product includes only the latex appliance. Spirit gum, remover, makeup, blood etc are available separately.
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