Woochie Small Witch Nose

Woochie Small Witch Nose

Cinema Secrets

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About the product
Woochie Small Witch Nose is a lightweight, green-colored latex appliance that is perfect for creating a realistic witch effect.

What is included?
Green-colored latex nose - 2" long

What does it do?
Woochie Large Witch Nose is very convincing with a crooked bridge, sharp nose tip and an ugly wart. It can be easily attached to the face using spirit gum (sold separately). Can be reused.

Recommended for children 8 years and up.

How safe is it?
Cinema Secrets products are FDA approved and made in the USA. The company uses only cosmetic grade ingredients that are compliant with cosmetic guidelines.

Clean skin with soap and water and dry well.

Place the prosthetic on the face and identify the best spot. If needed, trim some edges for the best size.

Apply spirit gum to the area which will be attached to skin.

Apply the prosthetic to face and press into place.

Wash with soap and water, gently moving your finger in circular motion.

Clean and dry the prosthetic. Store away from direct sunlight.
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